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Take advantage of our expertise as an insurance broker and expert in private health insurance. In the future, together with us a carefree handling of your insurances.

Procedure of your consultation for

Private Health Insurance

Send us your contact details. You can also book an appointment directly online.
In an online meeting, you will get to know your consultant and expert and can ask all your questions about health insurance and the like in advance. (Get to know each other and discuss your open questions and service requests).
We have now had our first consultation and you now know your advisor. Following the consultation, we will send you all of our contact information, the mandatory insurance broker information and a broker agreement, as well as a broker order in which you ask us to begin the consultation. We also need your health information. For this purpose, we will send you a link to our secure area to send us your health data in a safe and secure way. In addition, German health insurance companies require your consent for a credit check, which we will also send to you. Privacy statements for the processing of your data and an authorization for the processing of your health data.
We have now received your documents and details and your consultant will discuss these details with one of our service managers in order to discuss all health-related matters in detail. In this way, we clarify in advance that there are no more open questions and that we only forward your anonymized data to the insurance companies with which your risk is insurable at all.
We have now compiled and compared all the offers. Today, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different rates and give you some help in choosing the best rate.

Wir haben dir den Vergleich und die gesamten Unterlagen für die von dir gewählten Versicherungstarife zukommen lassen und du hast nun Zeit, alles in Ruhe zu studieren. Bei Fragen kannst du per WhatsApp oder E-Mail und natürlich auch telefonisch alle weiteren Fragen stellen. Bis du dich endgültig für deine passende Absicherung entschieden hast. Nun unterzeichnest du die Versicherungsunterlagen digital auf deinem Smartphone und übermittelst diese an uns zurück. Wir leiten dann direkt an die Gesellschaft weiter und übernehmen die Kündigung der alten Krankenversicherung. Zudem senden wir die Bestätigung der neuen Krankenversicherung an deine Vorversicherung.

Your contract has now been concluded and we will check together whether all points appear in the policy as discussed. We clarify any questions in another telephone call and then discuss whether there are still gaps in other insurance areas. There will be a new process and procedure for this.

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Are you not sure if what colleagues and friends say about private health insurance all applies to you? There are many reasons to stay in public health insurance. But there are just as many reasons not to. Together, we’ll find out what’s the best path for you.